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Protein Supplement Unflavored 7 Gram 1 Each by Nestle Healthcare Nutrition


100% high-quality whey proteinEach serving provides 6 g protein to help maintain muscleContains no fillers, sweeteners or artificial flavoringsCan be administered through a feeding tube as a flushMixes instantly into a wide variety of foods and beveragesCan be added to hot cocoa, tea, cottage cheese, applesauce, egg salad or yogurtSuitable for these diets: lactose intolerance, gluten-free, low-residue, kosher Not for individuals with galactosemiaProvides nutritional support for individuals who require high-protein diets, elevated protein requirements for renal (dialysis) or wound management or malnutritionNote: See individual product labels for ingredients, allergen statements, and indications for useProduct appropriate for use in individuals greater than 3 years old

UPC 0043900284309