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Pop Tarts Bites Variety Pack



Start your day with a sweet boost from this Pop-Tarts Bites Variety Pack. It contains the same Chocolatey Fudge and Strawberry Pop-Tarts flavor you know and love just bite-sized. Conveniently packaged in portable pouches these bites are perfect for on-the-go snacking. Go ahead and enjoy the classic taste of Pop-Tarts pastries anytime anywhere – no toaster needed. Savor the delicious flavor of chocolatey fudge filling or opt for something fruitier both are topped with delicious frosting. For a quick tasty snack Pop-Tarts Bites are an ideal choice for lunchboxes after-school snacks and on-the-go moments. Store them in your desk for a bite at the office keep them in your pantry for an after-dinner treat or bring some in the car for a snack on the road. These Pop-Tarts Bites also make welcome additions to care packages and gift baskets.

UPC 0038000249143