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Pep 60 caps by Natural Balance (Formerly known as Trimedica)


PEP-The Natural Energy Choice! Trust in nature to provide you with the energy to live your life to the fullest, to be more productive and to spend more time doing the things you really enjoy! Quick Energy! Vitality! Stamina! Pep’s special blend of Eleuthero, Kola Nut and other lab-tested herbs offers you nature’s most effective herbal energizers, all in one ideal formula. Pep gives you the vitality and stamina to live a more active lifestyle! Join the millions who now choose herbal energizers as the way to bring energy to life! PEP. The energy choice for a new generation. Works Fast! Lasts for Hours! Pep’s enhanced formula sets it apart from other energy products. This unique blend helps increase your energy for hours. It’s the perfect energy formula for active lifestyles. Pep’s unique, balanced formula: A special blend of Eleuthero, Kola Nut and other lab-tested energizing herbs! Enhances stamina and vitality! Gives you a quick energy boost! Gotu Kola makes you feel more alive and rejuvenated! Helps reduce stress and frustration

UPC 0047868101609