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Ommie Snacks Nut-Free Energy Bar (7 Pack) -Cherry Chocolate Fruit & Seed Granola Bar | Allergy Free: Nut Free Gluten Free Soy Free Egg Free Dairy Free | Vegan | Free Of Junk: No Added Sugars



ommie snacks nut-free energy bar (7 pack) -cherry chocolate fruit & seed granola bar | allergy free: nut free gluten free soy free egg free dairy free | vegan | free of junk: no added sugars dates oats – clean energy for busy days: power through your day with nutrient dense sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds combined in perfect harmony with dried tart cherries and bits of semi-sweet chocolate chips to create this deliciously tasting bar. this bar will take you to nirvana and back. promise. – allergy friendly: made with dried fruits sunflower and pumpkin seeds and spices. thats it! no nuts or tree nuts no wheat no gluten no soy no eggs no dairy so everyone can enjoy. – vegan plant based protein: natural ingredients minimally processed. better for our bodies and environment. no animal products including eggs dairy honey. – no junk or fillers: no added sugars. no dates no flours no oats no artificial flavors or sweeteners. no added chalky proteins.

UPC 0100274700214