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Mushroom Emperors 120 Vtabs by Maitake Mushroom Wisdom


Grifron Mushroom Emperors has used the highest quality mushrooms and employed a proprietary process to provide synergistic health benefits and optimal oral absorption. The six mushrooms contained in this product have been typically prized in traditional Japanese and Chinese herbology, in fact in ancient China and Japan, some of these mushrooms were so valued that only emperors or royal families could afford them. Mushrooms are very rich in a high quality of proteins, nucleic acids, vitamins and minerals as well as specific types of polysaccharides and other unique properties scientifically proven in recent studies. Grifron Grifron Mushroom Emperors capsule contains Maitake: 50 mg, Maitake pre D-fraction standardized extract: 10 mg, Reishi standardized extract: 10 mg, Royal Agaricus: 40 mg, White Jelly-Leaf: 40 mg, Caterpillar fungus (cordyceps species): 20 mg, Lion’s Mane: 30 mg. and Vitamin C: 10 mg. It contains NO sugar, yeast, mold, artificial color, dairy foods, preservatives and chemical pesticides or fertilizers.. .

UPC 0791014108003