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Levom Fruit Nut Bars True Raw Food Healthy Date Cashew Almond 20 Ct 1.16 oz



If a healthy diet makes you feel good and feed your soul you cannot say no to this taste prepared for you. The fibrous food source date-palm combined with the delicious flavor of the cashew and almond. You will always keep this bar beside you. Our plant-based ingredients are raw and they are dried in the natural environment. Besides we use no preservatives and no artificial colors. They are vegan low-calorie and low sodium. Our meal-replacement snacks are a whole food. We do not make processes on fruits and nuts that s why most of their nutrients are preserved. Due to the rich fibrous keeps you full during the travel and you can balance your diet for effective weight loss or you can consume it as late-night snacks.High-fiber snacks regulate the digestive system and balance blood sugar. Levom is also ideal for college students giving them high fiber to assist with digestion and the “good carbs” fueling them with energy to last throughout their school day.

UPC 8682139418165