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Kind Nut Butter Filled Snack Bars Gluten Free Chocolate Peanut Butter — 4 Bars



Do the kind thing for you body your taste buds & your world! Welcome to the KIND community! Here at KIND we think a little differently instead of or we say and . We choose healthy and tasty convenient and wholesome economically sustainable and socially responsible. Each nut Filled snack Bar is filled with creamy real peanut butter and then topped with crunchy nuts and a chocolately drizzle. Our recipe uses 100 % whole grains and no artificial flavors colors or preservatives making this a delicious and healthy snack you can feel good about. Kindly yours Daniel Lubetzky KIND Founder Peanut Butter is our #1 Ingredient! We love peanut butter so much we wanted to make sure each bite as chock-full of it. Thats why every bar is loaded with real creamy peanut buttter. In fact theres so much peanut butter its our #1 ingedient which means weve used it more than any other ingredient in this bar!

UPC 0100414389347