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Glutamine Decanate Unflavored 10.58 oz by Muscle Meds


DecaDrive Technology for Enhanced Absorption. Professional Strength Micronized LGlutamine. Increases Muscle Growth s scientifically advanced purified and potent Glutamine with DecaDrive deliver has set a new standard in amino acid supplementation. Through the development of an advanced pharmaceutical deliver technology MuscleMeds scientists have created a superior glutamine with enhanced absorption and bioavailability. What Glutamine Decanate Does for Athletes! Glutamine is one of the most abundant amino acids found in skeletal muscles and throughout the body dominating the amino acid metabolic pool. Glutamine supplies the metabolic building blocks from creating other amino acids protein nucleotides used to make DNA and RNA and is even involved in energy production. This makes glutamine involved directly with muscle cell growth protection fullness and performance. But during prolonged periods of training glutamine levels typically become depleted faster than the body can replenish them. This is what makes glutamine a conditionally essential amino acid and an important amino acid to supplement to ensure your body is replenished and maintains a positive glutamine balance. Glutamine is also a component of glutathione one of the bodys most important and powerful antioxidants that protect cells and body tissues from free radical damage and breakdown. DecaDrive Shifts Glutamine Replenishment Into Overdrive! Glutamine Decanate provides a potent dose of purified micronized glutamine via the scientifically advanced DecaDrive Technology which is designed to promote faster absorption and utilization of glutamine. DecaDrive Technology utilizes the pharmaceutical deliver compounds PEG and Decanoate to help to promote increased glutamine absorption and uptake in the intestines. This powerful infusion of Glutamine Decanate delivers maximum anabolic muscle building anticatabolic muscle protection and improved recovery.

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