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Gerber My 1st Fruits Starter Kit Baby Food Banana Pear Apple 2 oz Tubs (12 Pack)



Starting solids just got easier with the Gerber 1st Foods My 1st Fruits Baby Food Starter Kit offering simple yummy ways to introduce solids to your little one. Made with pureed fruit grown using Clean Field Farming practices this Gerber First Foods fruit puree comes in 3 popular single-fruit flavors. Gerber banana baby food contains 1/2 banana per tub. The pear variety includes 1/3 pear per tub and the apple baby food contains 1/3 apple per tub. This non-GMO stage 1 baby food is unsweetened with no added starch artificial flavors or artificial colors. Gerber baby food stage 1 uses single fruit varieties to introduce new tastes and check for sensitivities and the texture is just right for introducing solid foods to your supported sitter. Tuck these convenient BPA-free tubs into your diaper bag so you can easily feed your supported sitter on the go. You can feed your little one straight from the baby food tub or add some to a bowl and refrigerate the leftovers for up to two days.

UPC 0015000186777