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Creatine Decanate Unflavored 10.58 oz by Muscle Meds


DecaDrive Technology for Enhanced Absorption Professional Strength Micronized Creatine Increases Muscle Size s scientifically advanced purified potent and most clinically studied form of creatine with DecaDrive deliver has set a new standard in creatine supplementation. Creatines proven muscle building and strength benefits have made it one of bodybuildings top sports supplements Now MuscleMeds scientists have invented a new way to make creatine even better with the creation of Creatine Decanate with DecaDrive. Creatine The Raw Science! In the development of Creatine Decanate MuscleMeds scientists conducted an extensive clinical review on the various forms of creatine for building muscle strength and athletic performance to determine which form really works best. From a pure scientifically research standpoint Creatine Monohydrate was shown to have the greatest number of scientific efficacy studies on athletes. The tremendous volume of scientific research is incredibly clearpurified creatine monohydrate has been shown to deliver a potent dose of muscle building and power generating ATP to muscle fibers with the highest degree of clinical evidence. Therefore MuscleMeds researchers decided to utilize creatine monohydrate in combination with our advanced pharmaceutical DecaDrive Technology deliver in the creation of Creatine Decanate. DecaDrive Shifts You Into Anabolic Overdrive! Creatine Decanate provides a potent dose of purified micronized creatine via the scientifically advanced DecaDrive Techology which is designed to promote faster absorption and utilization of creatine. DecaDrive Technology utilizes the pharmaceutical deliver compounds PEG and Decanoate to help promote increased absorption and uptake in the intestines. This powerful infusion of Creatine Decanate delivers maximum anabolic muscle building increased muscular power reduced soreness and improved recovery.

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