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Cookies And Creme Granola Bars 6 Boxes (36 Ct) Contain Nutrients Of One Full Serving Of Vegetables Gluten Free Oats Nut And Allergen Free Bars



Cookies and Creme Granola Bars 6 Boxes (36 ct) Contain Nutrients of One Full Serving of Vegetables Gluten Free Oats Nut and Allergen Free Bars : Riverside Naturals – Packed with sweetness these nut free bars are reminiscent of chocolate sandwich cookies we all love but in a chewy delicious and healthy snack. They’re ideal for kids lunchboxes or between meal snacks at the office. – Let loose and satisfy your craving while still filling your body with the energy boosting nutrients from a full serving of vegetables – A safe for school snack Granola Bars are with food allergies in mind. They’re nut-free gluten free allergy friendly certified organic vegan and non-GMO. – With only 7 grams of sugar these sweet treats are pure joy with no strings attached. Toss one in your bag for the next camping trip or when you need a smart snack on the go.

UPC 0100017880371