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Coconut Energy Bars (Pumpkin Spice) – Vegan Gluten Free Organic 1.6 Ounce (12 Count)



coconut energy bars (pumpkin spice) – vegan gluten free organic 1.6 ounce (12 count) – flavor: pumpkin – package weight: 0.62 kilograms – healthy nutrient-dense snack – great for all activities – wonderful travel food – long lasting energy – slow-burning fuel from coconut & almond butter – coconut coconut coconut! we use three different forms of coconut: coconut oil coconut flakes and coconut palm nectar. coconut digests smoothly converting to energy with a minimal insulin effect. this means that with coconut comes consistent energy rather than a spike and crash like from most other sugars –think: eating candy. coconut is so valued that in some pacific island cultures it is called the tree of life . – = the perfect fuel a big energy bite- no flour all power – fuel your body: are a great healthy food for your active lifestyle. have these for a breakfast bar to fuel your day or as a pre workout organic snack to power through your sessions. they will give you long lasting energy with slow-burning fuel from coconut & almond butter.

UPC 0100125505296