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CLIF Kid ZBar (36 ct.)



Description With CLIF Kid® ZBar (36 ct.) you can give your kids a snack that you feel good about. CLIF bars are a great choice for schools sports events parties and more. What s In this Box of CLIF Kid ZBars? This box consists of delicious organic CLIF Kid ZBars–each Z Bar is a chewy and flavorful snack that can be enjoyed any time. A good source of fiber and whole grains this may become a favorite go-to snack. Who Makes Each CLIF Kid ZBar? Each Z Bar comes from Clif Bar & Company which is an American company that specializes in producing organic foods and beverages. It s driven to create a healthier and more sustainable world for everyone. What Can I Do With a CLIF Kid ZBar? Although many enjoy eating them right out of the package you can mix your CLIF Z bar with other food too. For example chopping your Z bar into small pieces can help you create trail mix or tasty topping for various desserts like ice cream. Does a CLIF Kid ZBar Offer Nutritional Benefits? One CLIF Kid Z bar contains many healthy ingredients making this the ideal option for those seeking healthier snacks. Each serving contains essential vitamins and minerals like vitamin A vitamin C calcium iron and more which can help you reach your daily nutritional requirements. And since each bar is less than 140 calories they re easy to fit into your day. These bars contain no high fructose corn syrup and no artificial flavors or synthetic preservatives. Can Be Enjoyed On-the-Go Each CLIF Z bar is only 1.27 oz. so they re easy to carry around. If you know you re going to want a snack at the office pack a couple of these in your backpack suitcase or purse. When you feel a craving chow down on a delicious Z bar to alleviate hunger. Placing a CLIF Z bar in your child s lunchbox can reassure you that they re eating nutritious snacks at school. Massive Box Makes Distribution Simple With 36 kids CLIF bars in one box this is great for feeding multiple people. It makes handing out treats at summer camp work or daycare a lot easier. It can also help restock the inventory in convenience stores concession stands and vending machines. With a large box like this you can ensure that everyone gets a CLIF Z bar.

UPC 0722252702067