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Clif Bar Clif Peanut Butter Organic 1.76 Ounce



The VS-100 silent Pneumatic turbine Vibrator features 20 lbs. Of Vibratory force 12 000 vibrations per minute (VPM) and employs ’s patented silent turbine Vibrator design. It has a built in exhaust Muffler and has a 2-bolt foot mount with 3” center-to-center mounting holes. The aluminum housing is lightweight durable and corrosion resistant. Use this product to replace loud ball and piston-style vibrators that require lubricated air. Rated for continuous duty the VS-100 is pre-lubricated for life requires 60-80 psi of clean dry air and consumes just 4 cfm operating at just 66 db on a-scale at 1 meter. &use a filter regulator for optimum life and performance (sold separately). .

UPC 6016791784610