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Clear Care Cleaner And Disinfectant Solution For Contact Lens 12 oz by Alcon


This solution has the cleaning power of 3% hydrogen peroxide, which bubbles to actively clean, disinfect and remove protein from lenses, without the harsh chemicals and added preservatives found in multi-purpose solutions. In a clinical study versus the leading multi-purpose solutions, lens wearers rated this cleaning and disinfecting solution better for cleaning, initial comfort, end of day comfort, overall comfort and clarity of vision providing a natural, no lens feel.* This cleaning disinfecting solution is a convenient and highly effective hydrogen peroxide based system for simultaneous cleaning, daily protein removal, and disinfecting of soft (hydrophilic) and rigid gas permeable lenses as recommended by your eye care professional. 3% hydrogen peroxide you see it working! Kills germs and bacteria that cause serious infections. Bubbling action removes protein, dirt and build-up. Disposable lens case with neutralizing disc neutralizes the active disinfectant to create a gentle saline solution close to your own tears. Pluronic 17R4 is for the cleanest, most comfortable lenses. Built-in cleaner cleans without rubbing. Deep cleans. Loosens dirt. Enhances protein removal. Free lens case included. *See carton inside flap for supporting information. Contains: one bottle solution one specialized lens case with neutralizing disc.

UPC 0047113609126