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BRAVE GOOD KIND Tender Chicken Bites Original Delicious Jerky Gluten-Free Protein Meat Snack with No or Nitrates Ounces Single Pack



BRAVE GOOD KIND understands busy lives daily schedules. It feel impossible to find fuel needed to through your day. Snacks often leave feeling unsatisfied guilty. On-the-go treats should be just as flavorful as healthy meals. believes that food consume should replenish your body mind. Each should be filled with love from your food to your lifestyle. Made with real wholesome ingredients like antibiotic-free salt spices tender chicken jerky bites natural a good source of protein that gives your body a lasting accomplish that need to do???without spikes crashes. hand granola bars often loaded wit sfying unhealthy sugar while potato chips high in fat. tender chicken bites bars contain 30%???40% less sugar than granola less than potato chips. Unlike some meat sticks meat snacks tender easy to eat. snacks do contain MSG nitrates or nitrites except those which naturally celery salt. those interested in gluten-free diets delicious snack food fits perimeters perfectly. It is to have quick on-the-go snacks without sacrificing feeling restricted. of tender chicken bites bars packed with succulent flavor that will enjoy eating during day. tender bites bars come in 3 different flavors to choose from: Original Honey Teriyaki. Choose your flavor feel ready toandle on your busy schedule.

UPC 6031019005704